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Empowering and engaging students to be productive and informed global citizens.


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Collective Commitments

At Mary Welsh Elementary, we are committed to:


  • Providing engaging and differentiated instruction for every student. 

  • Being a welcoming, supportive, trusting, and collaborative school.

  • Addressing the whole child through social-emotional learning by teaching self-regulation strategies while developing a strong character. 

  • Communicating clear learning objectives using student-friendly “I Can” statements and proficiency scales. 

  • Collaborating and supporting each other in developing instructional strategies, assessments, and effective interventions to ensure student learning.

  • Using effective and efficient research-based educational strategies for learning and goal setting.  

  • Providing consistent, specific, and timely feedback to students, which encourages students to be reflective about their learning. 

  • Communicating student progress with families in a consistent and timely manner.

  • Using student performance data to drive instruction. 

  • Communicating a love for learning and modeling positive characteristics that instill kindness, empathy, integrity, effort, and respect.

We believe students who feel valued, supported, and safe will strive to reach their highest academic, behavioral, and social-emotional potential.

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