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Day of ISASP Testing

  • Make sure your test tickets are printed and ready to go

  • Make sure you have prepared your testing environment

    • Cover or remove all instructional or note type visual aides in your classroom​

    • Arrange desks so students have space and are not able to readily look at others' computer screens

    • Ensure that students have a book or something else to do quietly (not on their computers) when finished

  • Have your students eat their class snacks before testing

  • Put "Testing" sign on your door, this is found in your folder

  • Refer to the MW ISASP Reference Sheet or Test Administrator Manual for questions you might have or ask for help

  • Use the Student Attendance and Make-Up Spreadsheet to record and students that may not be in attendance

  • Sign in to the ISASP Portal and go to "TESTING" then "Sessions" to find sessions or "Students in Session" to start a session.

  • Search to find your session, prepare your session, and start your session. 

  • Go over the Student Honor Code that is found in your folder and make sure all students have signed it

  • Have students find the TestNav icon to start testing by doing the following:

    • On a MacBook: Have students close down their tabs and go to the Launchpad, they will need to search for the TestNav app, which may be on their second page of apps.

    • On a Chromebook: Have students sign out so they are on the sign-in page, down towards to lower left on the sign-in screen there will be an "Apps" link, click that link and select TestNav.

  • Online Testing Procedures and Test Directions for Proctors to Read:

  • Use the Irregularities Handout in your folder to record any irregularities that may occur during the test

  • Pause Tests to take classwide breaks as appropriate

  • Complete Session only if all students are done or send any students who have not completed their session to the cafeteria at the designated times

  • Gather up test tickets and any scratch paper to put in your folder for collection at the end of testing

Conditions for Learning Survey

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